32nd Maxi Yacht Rolex Cup

September last, from the 4rd to the 10th, the 32nd Maxi…
04/19/2023/by Valentina Antimi


Liguria is a land full of beautiful places to visit, live and…
08/23/2022/by Valentina Antimi

Luxury in the age of sustainability

In the mid-90s through the early 00s rapid market growth and…
07/28/2022/by Supporto Safe Network S.r.l.

Luxury Yacht Market – Industry Forecast, 2022-2031

Increase in number of high net worth individuals and growing…
07/28/2022/by Supporto Safe Network S.r.l.

SY Lasse

05/07/2021/by Carolina Villa

Nautical leasing

The experience of sailing on a superyacht is related to the pleasure of knowing that you are on board in a magnificent boat and that there is a top professional team who ensure that everything works perfectly.
04/13/2020/by Supporto Safe Network S.r.l.

How the Brexit affects the navigation and flag on the territory

In moments like the one we are living, it is essential to know what is the impact of Brexit on the regulatory environment that affects a superyacht.
04/01/2020/by Supporto Safe Network S.r.l.

Protocols to minimize the impact of the coronavirus

At SCS Yachting we work in coordination with healthcare institutions and international organizations to guarantee the safety of our crews and our clients.
03/23/2020/by Supporto Safe Network S.r.l.

Tips and tricks for Stewardess

The quality of the details and the sophistication of the engines are essential elements of the sailing experience. A captain and his crew are the soul, brain and heart of a superyacht.
03/04/2020/by Supporto Safe Network S.r.l.

The most incredible superyacht wreck dives in the world

The sea offers us incredible beauties also under its waters. The spectacle of contemplating the wrecks is something that all sea lovers should experience at least once in our lives.
02/17/2020/by Supporto Safe Network S.r.l.

The importance of the International Safety Management Code

When we talk about security, we are talking mainly about environmental security and it is precisely in environmental safety where the IMS Code lies.
02/03/2020/by Supporto Safe Network S.r.l.

5 simple tips to be more sustainable when on a superyacht

Innovation in Superyachts makes it possible for luxury vessels to become increasingly sustainable and reduce the environmental impact to a minimum.
01/21/2020/by Supporto Safe Network S.r.l.
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