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STED service details

SCS Yachting has been the Boat Owner Telematic Desk (STED) since 2019.
Our dedicated team carries out daily nautical consultancy activities and the bureaucratic requirements of the Italian flag boat or port vessel through the Central Nautical Telematic Archive (ATCN).

Our services are:

• Registration of boats and ships of new construction or from foreign registers in the Central Nautical Telematic Archive;
• Change of ownership: transfer of ownership both following the lease purchase and sale;
• Mortgage creation and cancellation;
• Renewal of on-board certificates: safety certificates, RTF licenses
• Dismissal of the flag for registration in other EU or EXTRA EU registers;
• Change to the watercraft category for units of less than 10 meters
• Advice on pleasure craft: fiscal, administrative and customs;
• Pre and post-contract document management
• Preliminary preparation – Deeds of sale – Bill of sale – Nominations / revocations of shipowner – Authentication of signature
• Registration of deeds and contracts at the local Revenue Agency
• On-board personnel management: search and selection, embarkation and disembarkation, administrative management (pay slips)
• Insurance policies
• Transfer of Italian / foreign unit with test plate
• Monitoring of deadlines and obligations
• Management and control of practices for third parties


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SCS Yachting is proud to announce the launch of the  Legacy Line by Falcon Yachts designed by Quartostile Studio. The delivery time is forecasted within a year.
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