Yacht Agency

SCS yachting, with offices in Genoa, Monaco and Sardinia, offers a range of bespoke yacht agency services specialized for yacht and superyacht operations ashore. Moreover, thanks to a capillary network of local contacts, we are capable to offer assistance in all ports in the Mediterranean sea: Tuscany, Corsica, Malta, Spain, Croatia and Greece.

SCS yachting believes that each yacht, wherever it’s commercial or it’s private, it’s a luxury asset and “floating enterprise” which needs to be properly managed and supported. Each of our yacht agency service is designed to efficiently support the yacht business, minimizing the risk, the timing and cost of superyacht operations.

Our offices in Genoa, Porto Cervo and Monaco are specifically thought to smooth any of those administrative procedures that affect the yacht operations.

We are on call 24/7 to assist any yacht Captain, Officers, Chief stewards or Crew and manage any problems they may encounter during their work on board of a superyacht.



Our extensive network and knowledge of the territory enable us to quickly provide VIP & Concierge services for luxury yachts. Our yacht agency services are thought to help the interior department of a superyacht to meet the elite level of service that their owners or charterers are accustomed to. Our goal is to assist the yacht Captain and Crew in provide the most fulfillment and enjoyable experience to their guests.

Our multi-language team is available 24/7 to cover any concierge requirements during your yacht charter both on shore and on board.

The most required concierge services are:

Provision of food & beverage  

Itinerary planning

Flowers arrangements

Provision of linen & SPA products

Private jet / Helicopter transportation 

Chauffeur-driven car

Restaurant / Night club reservations

Laundry services

Our experts support superyacht Captains, Crew and yacht Managers in the bureaucratic procedures involved in the international transit of yachts and goods. 

SCS Yachting acts on your behalf and helps you on paperwork matters and electronic submission of documents and requests for authorization.

Customs clearance

Import and export Customs operations

Temporary importation/exportation procedures

Re-import and re-export Customs operations

International trade consulting

Custom Arrival/Departure

Especially during the high season to find berths in the Med marinas it could be complicated and very time consuming for superyacht Captain and Crew. We are happy to assist in finding berths as quick a possible or suggest alternative berths for the last minute booking. 

Our multi-language team is all year around connected with the main marinas in the Mediterranean coasts aimed to provide superior guidance to Captains and Crew through extensive knowledge about locations, berthing and it’s requirements. From small yachts to megayachts, we deal with the best destinations of choice for the demanding yacht Owner.

Managing the complexities of yacht fueling is not easy, especially during high season works. Our team will suggest the best places to take on fuel and our long-standing supplier relationships mean you get premium quality fuel at competitive prices. Moreover, Captains and yacht Managers can relay on our expertise in duty and tax regulations for cost-effective fueling.

Providing assistance and guide to seafarers it belongs to SCS Yachting DNA. Part of our team is dedicated to help yacht crew with all the administrative duties that affect certifications and tickets. In particular, SCS Yachting provide assistance for discharge. The discharge is an administrative procedure for any Italian seafarer working on board a yacht registered under a non Italian flag who needs to register the the sea time on the Italian seafarer book. This procedure is requested to prove the sea time spent on board a foreign flag which is needed for the professional certificate renewal.

Schengen Visas is a hot topic among yacht management and non-EU crew. Sometime, in the yachting industry, there is a lack of information about the solutions available to yacht Crew, with much debate around the paperwork required and apparent problems of having non-EU Crew on board a superyacht. This has had a knee-jerk effect on the Crew hiring process, with some jobs advertising only for certain passport-holders. 

The visa policy of the Schengen Area discerns between Annex I nationals (the ‘black list’) and Annex II nationals (the ‘white list’).

Nationals on the Annex I list need a visa if they wish to enter the Schengen Area and typically include most countries in Africa, Asia and western parts of South America. Some Annex I countries include South Africa, Philippines, Russia and China.

Nationals on the Annex II list do not require visas to enter the Schengen Area but often require permission for a stay longer than 90-days or for employment activity on land. Some Annex II countries include Canada, America, Australia and New Zealand.

Visa reciprocity between the Schengen Area and Annex II countries like Australia, for example, mean that certain ‘softer’ regulations are in place for tourism and business visits between countries.

SCS Yachting in house legal experts are capable to assist any Captain, yacht manager or directly any non-EU Crew member to sort out immigration formalities and to obtain a Schengen visa to work on board a superyacht based in EU or operated in the EU countries.

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