The importance of superyacht data protection

Superyacht owners want to enjoy the feeling of freedom, beauty, and relaxation that only the sea provides. But to fully appreciate that feeling, it is necessary to be able to guarantee the security and privacy of life and activity on board.

Superyachts are lovely engineering and design works, equipped with the most sophisticated technology and the best-trained crews .

The importance of superyacht data protection by SCS Yachting

They are also hyperconnected ships whose daily operation emits, receives, and processes millions of data and thousands of communications of all kinds, both technical and personal.

Technological advances always bring new possibilities to avoid the intense pace of business and professional life, but also new concerns for people with high status around the world. Intrusions in privacy are a constant threat, and, for that reason, ensuring the protection of data and ensuring the privacy of life on boats is a priority challenge.

Any information that leaks can cause damage: information on the location of the boat, who are its occupants, calls made and to whom, etc. Hackers, paparazzi, drones, long-range tracking devices, ultrasensitive cameras to capture images from long distances … the list of data access paths and reasons for getting them is long.

According to security experts  in the field of superyachts, drones are the main threat to both the invasion of privacy as access to sensitive data. Drones can be used to hack wireless networks, smart devices, etc. to obtain illegitimate access to private systems and information.

However, technology is also the best ally of data protection because it makes it possible to combat threats with smarter and faster devices.

The latest generation security systems  provide what is called a “virtual bubble” around a superyacht. They can detect the slightest changes in the yacht’s security environment and deploy defense countermeasures in just a few milliseconds.

A superyacht must be synonymous with a feeling of freedom, tranquility, and pleasure. Ensuring privacy and intimacy is a non-negotiable condition so that owners and their guests can concentrate on what really matters: enjoy.

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