How to become a Yacht Captain

To be superyacht Captain, it is an exciting profession, no doubt, but the life of a captain is highly demanding.

The Captain of any yacht (large or small) has one primary duty, which is the safe manning and operation of the ship. This includes taking full responsibility for the crew and the guests.

Every crew member falls under the ultimate command of the Captain. The Captain is ultimately responsible for any decision made on board. Everything that happens on the ship must have its approval, nothing is left to chance.

The testimonies of experienced SuperYacht captains reveal that it is necessary a total commitment, maximum concentration, and permanent attention to detail.

How to become a Yacht Captain by SCS Yachting

Responsibility for everything onboard.

Yacht Captains hold responsibilities in various areas and must answer to the owner concerning all decisions. Tasks generally include:

  • Safe navigation and operation of the yacht
  • Overseeing the upkeep of the vessel
  • Decision making about the crew
  • Taking control of repairs and yard visits
  • Budget management
  • Managing money and accounting on board
  • Assuming the role of ‘host’ and entertaining  when necessary
  • Manage refit projects

The experience is fundamental.

A Captain must have considerable maritime experience and training and will typically have significant experience gained in either the superyacht or the merchant navy sectors.

The Captain of a superyacht has to have excellent seafaring knowledge, a good grasp of accounting, IT, and administration and also deal with authorities on matters such as paperwork and health and safety.

Previous experience of yacht handling is essential and handling a yacht of the same or similar sizes a distinct advantage. The Captain must be highly skilled at dealing with people, both crew and the owner/guests. Personnel management skills are essential.

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