How to stay fit on a superyacht

Working on a sailing yacht can often require much more physical work than that assigned aboard a motor or explorer yacht.

Many crews find that when working with all the sailing and rigging equipment, when asked to change the sails, etc. it really helps to maintain fitness levels.

Staying fit is not just a matter of physical well-being, it is essential for job performance and for the safety of the boat and guests.

A superyacht, with all its sophisticated equipment, requires the crew to work as a perfectly coordinated high-performance team. To maintain rhythm and concentration is advisable to follow some basic guidelines:

  • Drink water
  • Eat breakfast
  • Plan your workouts
  • Eat whole foods
  • Stay away from the snacks
  • And have fun!
How to stay fit on a superyacht by SCS Yachting

Sailing and ashore.

Most superyachts will have an array of sports equipment and may be available for the crew to use.

And depending on where Superyacht is docked, marinas, especially the highest standing will often have a variety of facilities and are used to accommodating the team.

As well as water sports equipment hire, they can offer bike hire, and state-of-the-art gyms and swimming pools, which should have all the equipment crewmembers need to maintain their fitness program.

Well-being and care for the environment.

Improving the superyacht industry’s environmental footprint encompasses all departments on board, even the chefs. Try to shop organically, locally and seasonal for all menus.

Also important is to try offering local and seasonal menus onboard, this not only makes it easier for the chef to plan, but it also reduces the yacht’s food miles.

Pay attention to the sustainability index of the fish you are buying and ensure you avoid unsustainable seafood. Another tip for chefs is to try and introduce meat-free days, more vegetarian meals are better for our environment. When it comes to food waste, the best thing about this type of waste is we can reduce it by eating it.

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