Useful apps for yacht crew and captains at work

Technology advances to provide help in all personal and professional fields. Even in professions as specialized as the Captain of a Superyacht, we find specific technological developments that provide security, comfort, and control in technical and logistic aspects.

Boating Apps are valuable crew members

There are many Apps designed for captains and crews. These are some of the best valued by specialists in the sector:

Useful apps for yacht crew and captains at work by SCS Yachting
  • Precision radar-map app that draws on information from 233 radar sites and utilizes accurate radial NEXRAD data.
  • Skipper – Marine Logbook. This App “digitizes” the boat’s logbook. Useful to monitor and record the trip data, including time, course, speed, and distance.
  • S. Coast Guard. Offers various boating safety features, notably weather information relayed by NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric) buoys.
  • Marine Traffic. This App shows you real-time positions of ships and yachts worldwide. It works by connecting to the largest network of AIS receivers, and the App covers most major ports and shipping routes.
  • Enjoy Yacht Management. Simplifies mandatory operations on board, maximizing the time of superyacht captains and crew.
  • What’s On My Boat. Useful for interior or exterior inventory of items stored all over the boat and could even be helpful for crew changeovers.
  • It’s a platform to manage, in real-time, vessel-related projects, onboard inventory, oil analysis programs, documents, warranties, and contacts.

Superyachts are increasingly sophisticated. Its equipment includes technologies that very recently were science fiction. And that implies that many tasks that previously were manually are now fully automated.

Boating Apps to enrich the sailing experience

On the other hand, technology offers an essential help in the tasks related to the attention of the guests:

  • Very useful when traveling as it translates voice calls, text messages, documents, and conference calls in several languages in real-time.
  • Live updates of important marine notices from Transport for NSW. Also, you can explore the waterways and browse tips and photos of fishing spots and anchorages from other boaters.
  • Fish Brain. It’s an app that allows users to log their catches and share photos of the most memorable fish they have caught. Photos can be shared either publicly or privately.
  • Knot Guide. A simple reference app for learning over 100 knots.
  • Louis Vuitton Pass app. Apps that work in conjunction with the best luxury suitcases are the latest must-have in high-tech travel.
  • It’s the first onboard living technology system available on the Apple Watch. The App can be used by owners to call cruising attendants and control onboard entertainment.
  • Field Trip. Field Trip runs in the background of your phone and uses your GPS location to send notifications with information about places of interest, excellent restaurants, and bars, historical landmarks, and museums in your area.

These Apps offer great possibilities to enjoy even more of the experience of sailing in a Superyacht.

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