How the Brexit affects the navigation and flag on the territory

In moments like the one we are living, it is essential to know what is the impact of Brexit on the regulatory environment that affects a superyacht.
1 Aprile, 2020/da SCS ShipCrew

Protocols to minimize the impact of the coronavirus

At SCS Yachting we work in coordination with healthcare institutions and international organizations to guarantee the safety of our crews and our clients.
23 Marzo, 2020/da SCS ShipCrew

Tips and tricks for Stewardess

The quality of the details and the sophistication of the engines are essential elements of the sailing experience. A captain and his crew are the soul, brain and heart of a superyacht.
4 Marzo, 2020/da Lewis

The most incredible superyacht wreck dives in the world

The sea offers us incredible beauties also under its waters. The spectacle of contemplating the wrecks is something that all sea lovers should experience at least once in our lives.
17 Febbraio, 2020/da SCS ShipCrew

The importance of the International Safety Management Code

When we talk about security, we are talking mainly about environmental security and it is precisely in environmental safety where the IMS Code lies.
3 Febbraio, 2020/da Lewis

5 simple tips to be more sustainable when on a superyacht

Innovation in Superyachts makes it possible for luxury vessels to become increasingly sustainable and reduce the environmental impact to a minimum.
21 Gennaio, 2020/da SCS ShipCrew

The best places to dock your superyacht

These luxurious boats are equipped with state-of-the-art safety systems and their crews are accurately trained high-performance teams.
7 Gennaio, 2020/da SCS ShipCrew

What is the FONASBA Quality Standard. Everything you need to know

SCS Yachting Services is recognized by FONASBA Quality Standard, international accreditation of the quality of service and excellence in management.
30 Dicembre, 2019/da Lewis

How to keep your superyacht crew happy and positive

Life on board is an exercise in living together. And as it happens in an office or in a family, coexistence is not sometimes exempt from complications.
9 Dicembre, 2019/da Lewis

The role of a superyacht Interior Manager

Life aboard a superyacht must be an oasis of tranquility for its occupants. This depends on tasks being coordinated and executed with maximum precision by the Interior Manager.
19 Novembre, 2019/da Lewis

The importance of superyacht data protection

Superyacht owners want to enjoy the sea. But it is necessary to guarantee the security and privacy of life on board.
14 Novembre, 2019/da Lewis

How to become a Yacht Captain

To be superyacht Captain, it is an exciting profession. Everything that happens on the ship must have its approval.
14 Novembre, 2019/da Valeria
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