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For those who think of a superyacht as the maximum exponent of luxury, as a synonym for navigation through exotic waters, enjoying all the comforts and enjoying the breeze, the sun and the glamor of the parties on deck, we have something to say: the best Boat is nothing without the best crew.

The length meters, the quality of the details, the spaciousness of the cabins, or the sophistication of the engines are essential elements of the sailing experience. A captain and his crew are the soul, brain and heart of a superyacht.

The hostesses: the jewels of the crown of a superyacht.

In our blog, we have dedicated several articles to the occupations and responsibilities of the crew. Still, in this post, we want to mention one of the most critical roles for everything on board to work, and the owners and guests enjoy the incomparable experience of a Superyacht: the hostesses.

To get an idea of ​​the importance of the hostesses’ work, these are the words of Gemma Hulbert, flight attendant chief of superyachts with more than seven years of experience: “We are caregivers of the guests: everything they need is done before they need it.” Nothing more and nothing less.

It is one of the most demanding and most tiring jobs of all those carried out aboard a luxury boat. The days are intense and prolonged, the moments of relaxation are scarce, and the unforeseen events are constant. But the hostesses get everything to flow normally.

What can be simple on land is not always at sea. For example, having the right ingredients so that the Chef and the kitchen team can prepare an exquisite menu or please a guest who makes a special request. In the middle of the sea, it is challenging to improvise.

A good hostess can offer quick and unexpected solutions without losing her smile. And due to the great experience that the hostesses acquire in their daily performance, few ascend to positions of greater responsibility or end up becoming recognized Chefs of the best luxury yachts. That is the case of Kathleen, whose experience can be very illustrative for those who are thinking of applying for a hostess position in the world of luxury yachts.

Tips and tricks for Stewardess by SCS Yachting

Make everything possible

Those who have years of experience as crew members in superyachts usually say that “the worst answer to a guest’s question or request is” not possible. “A good crew will always respond with a “don’t worry, we take care of it.”

As strange as the request may seem, it is essential for who makes it and, therefore, is Equally indispensable that the crew has the attitude, knowledge, and resources to give a kind response and, of course, get what they ask.

The perfect synchrony of the crew members is the guarantee of success. It is vital to know who does what, who is responsible for what, who reports to whom.

This precision mechanism is as important in life on board as the compass to determine the heading. The daily work of the hostesses is a sometimes complicated and ever-changing choreography. And the best hostesses are the real stars of the function.

At SCS Yachting, we have been transforming luxury ships for many years in places to live the most memorable maritime experiences. Why? Because we know, select, train, and provide the best captains and the best crews.

From SCS Yachting we can assist in finding the crew member for your yacht.

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