The best places to dock your superyacht

Life aboard a Super Yacht is undoubtedly a memorable experience. These luxurious boats are equipped with state-of-the-art safety systems and their crews are accurately trained high-performance teams.

But for the boat to always be in the best conditions, it is essential to perform periodic maintenance in facilities that allow to review, update, repair, and intervene any part of the structure and onboard systems.

There are many docks around the world with the capacity to undertake the inspection and maintenance of vessels. But few of them have professionals, facilities, and equipment that can make the maintenance and repair of Superyachts.

The best places to dock your superyacht by SCS Yachting

In the elite of docks for Superyachts, we find the facilities of Amico & Co, located in the port of Genoa, which recently put launching its modern ShipLift system. This system is capable of removing Mega yachts up to 95 meters from the water and completely repairing large vessels that, without the ShipLift system, would have to stop in dry dock for maintenance.

The revolutionary innovation of the ShipLift system consists of the incorporation of a submersible platform that can raise the vessels from the water to the ground level so that they are housed in a structure dedicated exclusively to that vessel. When the boat is out of the water, a sophisticated mechanism moves the yacht so that professionals can access any part of the structure and accurately perform the necessary repairs.

In addition to technological innovation, the Amico & Co dock is designed in a 100% sustainable manner, all maneuvers have zero environmental impact and zero emissions, with ISO14001 certification.

Awsome Marinas around the globe

While Superyachts are at the repair dock, what can guests and crews do?
For example, spend a few days enjoying the impressive facilities and amenities of the Marinas
and the luxury Yacht Clubs that can be found around the world.
There are many impressive Marinas on all the coasts of the five continents, we have selected 20
so you can start choosing where you want to rest and relax for a few days out of the sea.

Mediterranean Sea:

Monaco Yacht Club Marina, Monte Carlo
Portofino, Italy
Marina de Capri, Italy
Porto Cervo, Sardinia
Port Vell Barcelona, Spain
Marina Ibiza, Spain
Marina de Formentera, Spain
Port de Saint-Tropez, France
Port Hercule Monaco, France
ACI Marina, Split, Croatia

Caribbean Sea:

Port de Gustavia, Saint Barths
Rodney Bay Marina, St Lucia
Yacht Haven Grande, St Thomas
Atlantis Marina, Bahamas
Falmouth Harbour, Antigua
Carolina Bay, Bermuda

Atlantic Ocean:

Durban Marina, South Africa

Pacific Ocean:

Golfito Marina Village, Costa Rica
Bay of Islands Marina, New Zealand

Persian Gulf:

Dubai Marina Yacht Club, Dubai

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