How to keep your superyacht crew happy and positive

Life on board is an exercise in living together. And as it happens in an office or in a family, coexistence is not sometimes exempt from complications that are enhanced by the peculiar characteristics of combining a highly demanding job with a space that imposes limitations, although it also offers attractiveness.

Superyacht crews are very well trained teams and with great professionalism. However, it is appropriate to take into account specific patterns of coexistence so that the journey is harmonious and pleasant.

Harmony is the key

When an incident occurs on board, however small, the impact on crew members and guests may be vital if it is not adequately managed.

Since harmony is the key, the team leadership, or what is the same, the role of the Captain. It is essential for everything to work accurately and to maintain well-being on board. Good captains do not base their leadership on hierarchy but on empathy. It is necessary crew members know those who live on board or are part of a trip.

When the crew assumes their functions with motivation and enthusiasm, any situation, however complicated, can be resolved in a satisfactory, discreet, and elegant manner.

Everything is possible, except improvisation.

The best ability that members of a good crew can provide is the ability to forecast. It requires constant preparation and training. Everything has to be planned to be able to devote the necessary attention to the unforeseen.

But unforeseen events can also be planned. Most of the technical incidents are detected, and most of the anomalies are typified.

So, there is only a small percentage of possibilities that something does not develop as planned, and that is what the crew should concentrate on: detecting a possible unforeseen event and having a solution ready to apply as soon as necessary.

How to keep your superyacht crew happy and positive by SCS Yachting

In summary, to maintain tranquility and enjoy tranquility, happiness, and quality of life on board, it is recommended:

  • Exercise leadership empathically
  • Assume that unforeseen events are challenges, not problems
  • Maintain tranquility in times of tension
  • Know how to delegate tasks and assume responsibilities
  • Take care of physical and mental wellbeing with adequate rest and proper nutrition
  • Establish routines, but with time to dedicate oneself
  • Take care of personal relationships

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