Pet-friendly yachts

Sometimes it’s too hard to separate from our furry friends and we need to take them anywhere with us. If you are wondering if it’s possible to enjoy a luxury charter yacht bringing your pets onboard…you’re reading the right article.

Pet-friendly yachts are a rarity, but is possible to live this memorable experience, you just need to consider all the implications before taking your pet with you.


Navigating with pets is quite another thing, you have to take into account many things starting with the laws that different countries have about pets and their entrance, most of them require that your dog is microchipped and has the health paperwork. However, if you are traveling internationally or even between states, check the requirements of your destination. The rules and laws may be different from your state or country of origin, many countries and states have specific health, vaccination, and quarantine regulations.

Talking about classic yacht destinations, if you are thinking of sailing the Mediterranean, a European Pet Passport is required, it will allow you to freely travel with your pet.

To enter in most of the Caribbean, pet owners are required to ask for a “Pet Permit” in advance, in some other islands like the British Virgin Islands it is also required an examination by a vet that will be waiting for you at the port once you enter in the country.

When visiting America, is necessary to provide a certificate with the essential rabies vaccination.

If you are going to Australia with your pet be aware of the fact that all the pets entering in the country, except those from New Zealand or Norfolk Island, are subject to 10 days of quarantine at the Mickleham Quarantine Facility at Melbourne.

We advise you to check all the requirements of your chosen destination to avoid any inconvenience.

Pet-friendly yachts by SCS Yachting


Yacht owners don’t love to have dogs onboard because of the mess they can cause and the possibility of ruining the decor. These aspects that are commonly usual in dogs, will incite the owner to ask for a security deposit. But, if your dog is what we call a “good boy” that behaves and obeys, don’t worry, that deposit will stay full.

To keep clean and well maintained your charter yacht, a good purchase for your dog is a patch of artificial grass that will help your dog do its duties in the same one spot. This portable dog potties absorb liquid and have antibacterial properties that take the smell away. Check them out!

Finally, the most important question you should ask yourself is if your dog will actually enjoy a superyacht experience. As you probably already know, dogs don’t really enjoy motion so it could make them sick… On the other hand, dogs love to play and they get bored very easily, so take with you some things to entertain your dog and the most important thing: make sure to walk them on land and stretch their legs at least once a day.

As usually a yacht vacation takes place on summer, make sure your pet gets hydrated. To avoid that the water spills when they’re drinking (and make a total mess) we advise you to get a Buddy Bowl, a water bowl that doesn’t spill.

You can now enjoy your yacht journey with your best friend!

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