Staying connected and keeping in touch on board.

Being in the middle of the sea and disconnecting from the routine sounds amazing.  Although, we live in a digital era that requires us a little of connectivity, especially when you have your family on land wondering if you are ok.

Sometimes a yacht journey can last weeks and depending on the owner, months, and even if you are busy working most time of the day, it is always nice to keep in touch with your people. So, cell phones, internet and Wi-Fi have become primary tools for travellers.

They’re fundamental to monitor the weather, to stay in touch with friends and family, to stay connected and be aware of what’s going on in the world and, in the worst scenario, to call for help in the middle of an ocean.

Staying connected and keeping in touch on board by SCS Yachting

Stay connected onboard.

When years ago, we were thinking about online connection everywhere it seemed to be something almost impossible and way too futuristic. Well, now we’re living in that futuristic time where almost everything is possible when talking about digital technology. The progresses that professionals of this field are doing are spectacular… you can have a skype call in the middle of the ocean. A yachting holiday used to imply waving goodbye to the internet connection as soon as land dropped out of sight.

Due to improved marine technology and declining satellite communications costs, Wi-Fi has become a standard feature on all superyachts for charter. You can stay updated on business affairs, post amazing photos on social media, or stream movies in your cabin.

Having online connection is fundamental for work but also for leisure, entertainment and to keep in touch with friends and family. Superyacht’s owners always go a step further in terms of sophistication and luxury and in this case in technology, and to meet guests that ask for Wi-Fi connection once they come onboard is now very usual.

The Internet onboard has completely changed the work of a superyacht crew. Firstly, in terms of security and safety, the instrument that are now available such as technical assistance, remote control, the availability of rapid data updates for navigation and the operational management of the boat in general, which were unimaginable before.

Life on board for the crew has become much more comfortable since it is possible to continuously keep abreast with what is happening in the world and connect with home in real time.

Besides, crew members use their phones to assist in daily operations, from navigating and crew scheduling, to itinerary planning and inventory management.

There are many mobile apps that help from showing marine traffic in real time and knowing the weather to collect recipes and check which crew are onboard. Check a selection of the top 10 apps that will help you on board.

To sum up, staying connected onboard is a reality and a pretty fundamental one. The evolution of the digital systems is allowing us handling the work management quicker, but especially is giving us the opportunity to have a chat with our beloved ones and leaving home is now much easier.

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