Enjoying the gastronomy and the vegan lifestyle on a superyacht

It’s been a while that veganism has stopped being a trend and become an actual lifestyle. A lifestyle whose impact is globally increasingly and which is redefining gastronomy, but also the economy and, we might say, social relations. Precisely social relations and gastronomy are essential elements in the experience of living and enjoying life on board a superyacht. Luxury boats owners are excellent hosts. While superyacht captains and crew are those who know better than anyone, what it means to provide a unique experience every time to any person on board, owners and guests.

A reception, a party, a gala dinner, a cocktail or a trip with friends are the necessary occasions to carefully take into account every taste and need of the attendees.

Imagine starting a spring dinner on the deck with a spring onion bhajis with mint and coriander chutney as an appetizer (https://www.olivemagazine.com/recipes/vegetarian/spring-onion-bhajis-with-mint-and-coriander-chutney/). Is it tempting, don’t you think? Even if the hosts are not vegans, the possibilities of having one or more vegans among our guests is much greater today than a short time ago. So being prepared to offer vegan, exclusive and gourmet is a must for any chef who has under his responsibility the kitchen of a luxury vessel.

Veganism is international and cosmopolitan

The most famous and influential Chefs have been introducing vegan dishes in their menus surprising their customer’s palates. You only need to see the success of vegan cuisine on Instagram to realize the growing influence of veganism on the most select tables. (https://chooseveg.com/blog/9-vegan-chefs-plant-based-foodie/).

Prestigious publications from the world of luxury devote every time more interest to vegan cuisine. This selection of the 30 most exotic vegan recipes in the world, published by Eluxe Magazine  (https://eluxemagazine.com/magazine/vegan-recipes-from-around-the-world/), is a good example of the vegan boom in the more sophisticated tables.

And, finally, a spectacular vegan cocktail. For example, this wonderful Gingered Face Cara Grapefruit Dove that Justine Celina Maguire proposes (https://justinecelina.com/gingered-cara-cara-grapefruit-paloma/).

The green luxury

The real luxury, however, is not limited to the kitchen or service.

Veganism and the “green” lifestyle are beginning to transform superyachts into real floating gardens.

Green building trend and urban gardens have also reached the luxury vessels (https://www.boatinternational.com/luxury-yacht-life/interiors/green-machines-how-to-create-an-on-board-garden–35777 ) because, is there something more exclusive than being able to offer an onboard menu with foods that are also grown onboard?

Happy vegan journey!

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