5 Essentials when Hiring a Superyacht Crew

The accelerating growth of the superyacht industry is fueling an ever-growing need for qualified and experienced yacht crewmembers. It’s the yacht crew who make the ship come to life by how they work together as a team to run the vessel. They create the on-board atmosphere and largely
determine the yachting experience for the owner and guests. If you have the right team, no matter the size of the ship, it’s going to be great. But no matter how luxurious the yacht, if you find yourself stuck at sea with a bad crew, it can dampen even the best-planned voyage.

Finding an Ideal Mega Yacht Crew

Here are the essentials of finding the ideal crew that will make your vision of a trouble-free and well-run yacht adventure a reality.

1. Luxury Yacht Crew Size

How many crewmembers do you need? It depends on the size of the yacht, how you plan to use it, and IMO/Flag State minimum manning standards. A superyacht or megayacht is usually a vessel between 24 to 100 meters in length, and crews can range from one to forty people.
There’s an enormous difference between operating a sport-fishing boat and an 80 meter yacht. A 24-meter yacht that is used only for day boating with a hands-on owner who likes to help run the boat might employ just one crewmember – a captain. On the other hand, a yacht of the same size
Here are the essentials of finding the ideal crew that will make your vision of a trouble-free and well-run yacht adventure a reality.
that takes longer trips and entertains a number of guests might need four to six crewmembers. And the largest 100-meter boats will certainly require a large and well-rounded team.

5 Essentials when Hiring a Superyacht Crew by SCS Yachting

2. Desirable Traits for Yacht Crew Members

Character and work ethic, the ability to put in long hours under pressure and consistently deliver top-quality service, appearance, attitude, and loyalty are all factors that make for successful crew members; people with a can-do attitude and a smile, who are friendly but discreet, and sensitive to boundaries. Some clients prefer an outgoing crew, while others want them to be almost invisible.

3. Three Ways to Hire Yachting Crews

The first and certainly the most reliable way is to hire a professional yacht crew agency with maritime professionals who are are experts at interviewing and checking references of potential crew members, training, ensuring required certifications, and arranging contracts and visas.

A second way is through referrals, and although this can be a simple solution, it’s not always the most dependable. For example, another yacht owner may recommend a captain or chef. Experienced captains often have their own networks, and can help to find under-officers, engineers, chefs, and a head stewardess to build their own staff.

A third method, which requires the most work and a lot of luck, is to use online resume-hosting sites and services for yacht workers and employers.

4. The Cost of Crewing a Yacht

Crew salaries are about 35% to 40% of superyacht operating costs. Salaries aren’t set in stone, but according to “supply and demand,” whether for a long-term or temporary role, and

depending on the candidate’s qualifications and special skills. Don’t be tempted to only keep the yacht crewed when it’s in use. If the yacht is in the water, you need your deck and engineering staff on board, since luxury boats require ongoing maintenance.

5. The Importance the Yacht’s Chef

Experts agree that the most important crewmember is the captain; however, the chef runs a close second, playing a vital role in keeping both guests and crew happy. Many yacht owners will hold on to a good chef at all costs.

The Advantages of Hiring via a Yacht Crew Agency

Agencies typically have a large network of potential crewmembers, and work to determine exactly what the each employer wants and needs and what matters most to them in order to match them to the right crew candidates. The agency does the groundwork of conducting numerous interviews, provides training courses, checks credentials, references and STCW certifications that cover safety, fire prevention, survival techniques, first aid/CPR, security, and other position-specific requirements.

For the serious yacht owner and yachting company, the best way to crew your ship is to choose a reliable and experienced firm, like SCS Yacht Agency https://SCSyachtagency.com for Italy and Mediterranean ports, to assure filling positions with a top notch crew that fits your needs and your style of boating.

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