5 simple tips to be more sustainable when on a superyacht

Preserving the environment and the seas is a commitment of all who work in the navigation sector.
Innovation in Superyachts makes it possible for luxury vessels to become increasingly sustainable and reduce the environmental impact to a minimum.

The incorporation of propulsion systems that use solar energy is the basis for a new generation of highly sustainable Superyachts with low environmental impact: the Solar Superyachts. But collaborating with sustainable navigation does not only depend on engineering advances.

Sustainability is a daily and collective commitment

All owners, captains, and crews have in their hands to reduce the environmental impact by adopting practices and behaviors that help minimize the carbon footprint of vessels.
The use of eco-friendly cleaning products and the water filtration system onboard are part of the ecological practices for the Superyacht crews all around the world.

On the other hand, boat guests must also be an active part of the preservation of the
environment. Our seas and oceans are very fragile ecosystems. Also, they are subject to
enormous environmental pressure due to the increase in the volume of vessels that sail
every day to transport goods or on recreational trips.

We all are aware of the importance of environmentally friendly behavior in our homes.
Let’s apply those same ecological principles when we are enjoying a pleasure trip or a vacation in paradisiacal waters.

It is difficult to know precisely how many recreational yachts there are in the world.
According to the data of some maritime organizations, in 2016, there were more than 10,000 Megayachts of more than 100 ft. Since then, more than 150 new Megayachts are registered each year. Therefore, the number of Superyachts less than 100 ft is much higher and also grows steadily year after year.

Respect the seas

A multitude of boats crosses the waters and docking at the ports during every day of the year. It is easy to understand the enormous importance of every small detail that helps make luxury boats more respectful of the environment.

And, last but not least, think about spending a little moment in your leisure time collecting plastic from the oceans. We will be helping to clean up the ecosystem and return to the marine species the natural conditions in which they must live.

5 simple tips to be more sustainable when on a superyacht by SCS Yachting

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