The role of a superyacht Interior Manager

Life aboard a superyacht must be an oasis of tranquility and pleasure for its occupants. Ensuring this is the case depends on a multitude of tasks being coordinated and executed with maximum precision by the crew and the final responsibility corresponds to the Interior Manager .

A super luxury boat requires constant attention throughout the year, but winter is especially demanding because it is the time when repairs, renovations, and essential maintenance tasks are usually performed.

Beyond technical maintenance, comfort in a superyacht has a lot to do with ensuring that everything on the boat is harmonious, beautiful, and elegant. The Interior Manager knows in deep what are the tastes of the owners and how to fit those tastes with the latest trends in decoration, celebrations, and entertainment.

Owners, guests, and crew members must have everything they need to carefree, do their job, and enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

On the other hand, the Interior Manager is responsible for providing support and supervision at all times to the crew, also collaborating in the selection and onboarding of each new team member.

The best Interior Management professionals highlight some of the main qualities that are needed to perform a function of such importance successfully:

  • Project Management skills
  • Team Management abilities
  • Empathy in communication
  • Well negotiation skills
  • Calmness under pressure
  • The anticipation in front of potential risks
  • Resilience
  • A positive focus in every circumstance
  • Smiling honestly
The role of a Superyacht Interior Manager by SCS Yachting

The role of an Interior Manager is demanding and also very rewarding. The fundamental thing is to understand that no two days are the same. One day it is necessary to supervise routine operations; the next day, VIP guests arrive by a private plane that will be transferred to the ship to enjoy an ultra-exclusive party. Next week the plan is to navigate spectacular Norwegian fjords… and so on.

Every single day, forecast and precision are required. The conclusion is simple, for an Interior manager, the best description of a typical day is that a typical day… does not exist.

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