How to reduce stress when working on a superyacht

Being part of the crew of a Superyacht is a very high-level job.

Living for weeks or months on the high seas, many kilometers of land and far from friends and family, tests the physical and mental resistance of professionals whose responsibility is to maintain the safety of the boat and the well-being of its occupants.

Superyachts have an excellent communications infrastructure, it is true, but the crew has little free time to use the Internet for personal matters. When the work is so intense, it is necessary to assume that episodes of fatigue, stress, and even depression can occur.

Quality free time.

From the captain to the last of the crew members, they are focused on their responsibilities during very long working hours. Precisely for this reason, it is so important to take advantage of free time to recover from fatigue.
Experts in high-performance teams provide guidelines to restore physical,
psychological, and emotional balance:

  • Exercise regularly. The exercise routines must be moderate so as not to add stress.
  • Maintain a balanced diet. Food is the basis of an optimal physical and psychological state.
  • Practice a hobby that allows you to focus attention on something pleasant and, at the same time, disconnect from the professional routine for a few hours.
  • Relate to the other crew members so as not to fall into isolation. The conversation is a powerful anti-stress tool.
  • Dedicate leisure time to activities as analog as possible.
  • Hyperconnectivity, or video games, can cause a counterproductive effect by increasing tiredness and even anxiety. Reading is always an excellent way to rest your mind.
How to reduce stress when working on a superyacht by SCS Yachting

Identify the symptoms of stress on board.

As important as taking care of one’s well-being is to identify possible symptoms of fatigue and stress in the other members of the crew. A person is not always aware of having a problem or, in case of being aware, it is not easy to accept it, and ask others for help.

These are some of the signs that can alert you that a crewmate has a problem and needs help:

  • Be irritable or nervous.
  • Drink, smoke, or practice exercise compulsively.
  • Changes in routines, such as eating or sleeping less than usual.
  • Show clumsiness or carelessness in routine tasks.
  • Avoid the relationship and communication with others.
  • Not react appropriately to orders from a superior or the request of a guest.
  • Disinterest in physical appearance. Dressing poorly, not wearing makeup, not
    cleaning regularly.
  • Do not participate in leisure activities and remain isolated without giving
  • Try to get attention to insignificant things. People with problems often say
    nonsense things for someone to ask them about it and thus be able to talk
    about their issues.

Being part of the crew of a Superyacht is a stimulating job, but at the same time very demanding. Physical and mental well-being is the basis for enjoying work.

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