New technologic safety systems onboard

The Super Yachts are highly safe boats. In recent years, luxury yacht builders and safety systems development companies have driven technological innovation to equip Superyachts with sophisticated elements of active and passive safety.

The most critical safety element is the crew.

There is no higher priority than ensuring the personal safety of passengers, and for that, the key is to have a well trained crew.

The STCW – Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping for Seafarers is an internationally recognized standard required by all seafarers working on commercial vessels above 79 feet in length. Includes crew working on commercial ships, ferries, cruise ships, and superyachts.

The STCW certification guarantees that the crew has received training in Firsts aids, is prepared to act in case of fire and can handle high-risk situations granting the safety of the boat and its occupants.

STCW certification is also recommended for those looking for work on private yachts, as owners, captains and management companies will rarely hire crew without it.

New technologic safety systems onboard by SCS Yachting

Cutting edge security technology.

Security is detection and anticipation. That is why modern security systems are designed to detect any anomaly, any threat, and any potential danger.

On the other hand, security requires protection in communications and permanent connection with the monitoring and control posts on the ground.

These are some of the most modern security systems that incorporate the Super Luxury yachts:

  • Biometric fingerprint Access. One of the main concerns of Superyacht captains and their officers is access to the interior of the ship by unauthorized persons. The biometric control devices allow verifying the identity of any person since it is not possible to falsify, transfer, or pirate the fingerprint or the appearance of the iris in a retinal scanner.
  • Robot security marine drones. Last generation safety drones specially designed to operate at sea and integrate with navigation systems. These drones have cameras to capture thermal images, high-definition radars, and tracking devices for tracking high-speed targets.
  • Superyacht thermal images detection. Ultrasensitive cameras, distributed by the strategic points of the boat, capable of capturing images of any object in conditions of zero visibility. The thermal cameras are perfect for the detection of piracy.
  • Yacht LRAD. The Long-Range-Acoustic-hailing-Devices allow ships to stop, notify and warn ships approaching a certain distance. They are a powerful deterrent to pirate attacks.
  • Yacht citadel room. They fulfill the function of the “panic rooms” in high-class homes. A citadel room is equipped with armored walls and doors, vault, independent encrypted communications systems, own air conditioning, and refrigerated area for the storage of water and food for several days. In case of emergency, intelligent systems can send alarm messages to security forces and port authorities.
  • Cybersecurity systems. Firewalls and antivirus systems are paramount, ideally those that have been tailored by an experienced integrator to the yacht’s performance and security needs. All devices on the wireless network must be vetted, including those belonging to crew and guests, and a best-practice manual should be in place that includes how to manage passwords, use of USBs, and email management. All-in-one threat and connection managers can protect the yacht’s server via an intrusion prevention system that monitors both entering and exiting virtual communications.

A safe boat guarantees a pleasant and relaxed navigation experience.

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