The rising of Solar SuperYacths

Innovation and technological advances are the best allies of sustainability and respect for the marine environment. The last generation superyachts, in addition to the luxury and comfort onboard, are committed to developing boats powered by renewable energy such as solar energy.

We enter the Age of electric navigation. The modern super luxury yachts change the traditional combustion engines by electric motors powered by solar energy.

The rising of Solar SuperYacths by SCS Yachting

Silent and clean navigation

In addition to reducing the carbon footprint and contributing to the fight against global warming, the yachts powered by solar energy are extremely quiet. And this is a doubly important element:

  • Provide greater comfort to its occupants due to the absence of noise.
  • Reduce the vibrations and the sounds propagated to the water, reason why they hardly alter the acoustic conditions of the marine fauna.

By not consuming fossil fuels, yachts driven by solar energy emit less gas and fewer odors. On the other hand, the electric motors require less maintenance and the repairs, if necessary, are faster and less expensive.

However, there are some uncertainties about whether the 100% electric boats will be able to supply the energy needs of devices that they need to be always on.

But engineers provide answers to these questions: solar yachts are self-sufficient even in conditions of partly cloudy skies. And they are equipped with storage batteries whose capacity allows optimal operation of all onboard devices at night and also for long periods without sunlight.

Energy efficiency is, therefore, the central axis of innovation in the exclusive segment of the Eco Super Yates.

Super Yachts eco-friendly, future or present?

Looking at some images of prototypes, it may seem that we are looking at something completely futuristic. But pioneering companies, such as SolarImpact Yacht AG, announced that they plan to deliver the first orders of Super Yachts driven 100 % by solar energy in February 2020.

Industry experts predict that the privileged ones who acquire the first units will have to pay around 8 million Euros (excluding taxes).

A survey conducted by the Monaco Solar & Energy Boat Challenge among owners of Super Yates reveals that concern for sustainability is a priority for them.

Luxury and respect for the environment are fully compatible and, according to most owners who participated in the survey, that a super-luxury vessel is 100 ecological is “simply the right thing.”

The prospects in the luxury yachts market are optimistic, and the forecasts point towards a rapid renewal of the current models driven for traditional fuels. Possibly, in the next five years, between 30 and 45% of the luxury yachts that sail the seas will be electric.

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