Weddings on board, a dream came true.

Have you ever dreamed with a wedding at sunset onboard of a luxury superyacht? Sounds great right? Keep reading, we will tell you how many benefits a wedding on a superyacht has.

When thinking about celebrating a wedding onboard the first thing that comes up to our minds is related to the future couple, the ceremony and the happiness of everyone. Now put them all together and picture it on a superyacht. Superyachts are the perfect embodiment of everything you could want for a wedding venue. Style, elegance, and grace with a touch of glamour and lashings of romance.

Getting married and share that special moment with family and friends is unique and magic and let’s be honest… celebrate it going big is something that everyone dreams about.

Now picture in your mind how it would be to join together every person you love on a beautiful superyacht, with the best service you could have and the best landscapes. A wedding on the water is one extraordinary experience that is set to create memories lingering for a lifetime.

The benefits of celebrating a wedding on-board of a superyacht could be many from the special location to the experience of a long wedding party! Imagine to get married surrounded by your people and make the party last as much as you want in paradisiac beaches or any destination you like most.

Weddings on board, a dream came true by SCS Yachting


Making the guest list is always a struggling moment, but rather if you decide to have a small private ceremony or a big wedding, you are free to choose. Superyachts have plenty of space, you can host from 25 to 100 guests. You will make them enjoy a very special experience and you can organize a post or a pre-wedding cruise. You will all live a five-star stay with the best company. Is going to be unforgettable!


It’s your big day and you and your guests deserve to be treated right. The five stars cuisine of a superyacht will make all of you want to lick your fingers ????. When it comes to superyacht parties, especially weddings, the guests could be many and so the tastes. Here is when superyacht chefs become the stars of the party creating the tastiest and the highest quality menus. Check out our article about a vegan lifestyle on a superyacht. It could help you find some inspiration.


Choosing the place to say the most important words of your life is very important and one of the best things about getting married onboard is the flexibility with the location. You can choose if get married in the middle of the ocean, near the coast or at nice and vibrant port, whether on an uninhabited idyllic Caribbean island or overlooking the spectacular French Riviera. A wonderful idea is to get with the yacht to a romantic and private beach. With a professional crew, you will celebrate a perfect and very romantic ceremony in a unique and special spot.


An impeccable yacht crew will make this day even more special than it already is. When hosting a wedding on a superyacht many are the responsibilities of the crew, but the first one and the most important is to make everyone safe and feel at home with the best service quality.

You should also contact a yacht agency to help you manage all the paperwork you will need to feel, in addition to finding a qualified and professional crew. A marriage involves many legal aspects, especially when onboard. First of all, you need to know what constitutes a legal marriage in your country of residence. Secondly, it’s crucial to research the legalities of marriage in the country where you will charter the yacht, especially if one or both of the couple is non-resident. This includes paperwork required, time frames and the procedure for marrying. But don’t worry we can help you with that. Contact us, we will help you find the best crew and arrange any legal doubt you have.

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