Life as a yacht crew member

What is like to live on a superyacht as a crew member? How is it to work traveling overseas on a floating house (and a pretty fancy one…) for a long period? The early mornings, the organizing and the cleaning are just a few skills of a superyacht crew member day in a life.

First of all, the crew of a superyacht is divided into five sections, each one with different tasks:

–    The captain, responsible for the yacht, guests, and crew.

–    The chef, responsible for the kitchen.

–    The interior staff, responsible for the interior look and maintaining.

–    The deck crew, responsible for operating and maintaining the vessel.

–    The engineers, responsible for ensuring the proper functioning of the main systems.

The average number of crew members on a superyacht is around 6 to 10 and their responsibilities are infinite and vitals: the safety of everyone on board, the luxury lifestyle you have to be capable to work with, the challenging tasks that you have to accomplish while navigating (sometimes the waves could be very tricky), the last minute demands that seem impossible to satisfy…


It’s hard to define a typical day onboard since the work schedule will change depending on the time of the year, if there are guests or not, etc. What is always a primary thing to do working on a superyacht is the maintenance to keep it in excellent conditions: a large part of the day in a life is cleaning, polishing and taking care of every little thing.

The working hours on a superyacht are long, and it’s the nature of the job that when the owner and guests are awake, you’re busy doing everything you can to make them comfortable, so 12/14 hour a day is not so unusual…

But not everything is so hard, there is also a good part. Navigating in a spectacular vessel owned by celebrities, royalty or brokers (between others) has its advantages like the unique travel destinations, the luxurious surroundings and the money a crew member can get. Sure, the service expectations are much higher on yachts than another type of vessels, but if you are dedicated and get the proper training, you can land a yacht-job and live an amazing experience.

Usually, crew members live on board with a monthly salary. Most of the living expenses are covered by the owner, as well as the maintaining and the necessary to live in the superyacht (bills, water, gas, electricity…). Every superyacht has crew areas below deck, with cabins and laundry, and the crew mess, where the crew can relax and if you want to stay fit, some of the larger superyachts have even crew gyms…how about that?

Now we are sure that while you are reading this article you are already thinking of finding a job as a superyacht crew member…are we right?

Life as a yacht crew member by SCS Yachting


It’s important to know what sort of yacht jobs are out there and which positions would be a good match for your skills, abilities, and personality.

You need to know that working on a superyacht can be a unique, and long-term career, but it can also be a difficult field to break into. Here is when is fundamental to find the right superyacht agency with a professional team. Have you checked our vacancies? Upload your CV, we will help you find a job where you can perfectly fit. 

The three steps you need to take into account to get a crew member job are the following:

  1. Get yourself qualified. The minimum qualifications for entry-level positions on yachts are your STCW’s and ENG1 Medical Certificate.
  2. Timing and location. Timing is everything, there’s a good time to give yourself the best chance of finding a job as a yacht crew and knowing the best location and times to get a great head start.
  3. Choose the right yacht agency to support you in the process. The experience, the trust and the professionality are core important features. Send us a message and we will help you by providing any information you need.
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