Eco-friendly superyachts, the new and fundamental trend.

Respecting the environment and specially the sea is an imperative future for the superyacht industry that is actually taking an important step into the eco-friendly world. Superyacht owners are not just looking for luxury on-board, they also want to ensure that their superyacht is green and it helps to preserve the natural beauty of the ocean.

On the other hand, as small things matter, an eco-life on-board is also necessary to prevent ocean pollution, is not just about the technical parts.


Superyacht designers and engineers are evolving their profession every day more into the eco-industry proposing new solutions in order to help the reduce of pollution while navigating.

We’re talking about Hybrid-power superyachts, superyachts with diesel-electric propulsion that is more fuel efficient than a classic superyacht and with significantly less emissions. Renewable energy is a growing trend for new concepts superyacht: hi-tech solar panels to power the air-conditioning, pumping, refrigeration and lighting system on-board.

The eco-experience has also arrived to the dining room, superyacht can now grow fresh, organic products by maintaining a garden on-board irrigated by distilled sea water.


Another important role to maintain an eco-stay on a superyacht, is taken by gadgets and toys, a must of the yachting world. But there is nothing to worry about, superyacht guets can still have fun without generating any negative impact on the ocean and the environment.

Some amazing eco-toys are also embracing electric, organic and solar technology, like the cleaver invention by FunAir of the amazing biodegradable golf balls made by fish food that will dissolve completely in just a few days. ( A perfect way to make the superyacht guests enjoy friendly golf competition in a genuine way.

Another green fun toy is the eco-friendly water go-kart Jetpad introduced by Marine Toys and Tender ( combining cutting edge technology with traditional “sit-down-and-drive” functionality to create a fast, fun and sustainable water toy convenient, that can be driven by anyone.

Eco-friendly superyachts are the new and fundamental trend by SCS Yachting
Eco-friendly superyachts are the new and fundamental trend by SCS Yachting blog


Regarding the crew and the maintenance of an eco-friendly stay on-board, is necessary to apply always the three rules of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

When considering a sustainable environment, the reduce of plastic is the first thing that comes up to our minds, which could be substituted by installing on-board a water filter system that dispenses chilled and boiling water that can be used by the crew and guests. That means no more plastic bottles used, more storage space freed up, less time wasted in buying, transporting and storing. The members of the crew should always have their own bottle to refill and create for guests a water station with sparkling and flavoured waters.

We’ve discovered the “Girls Going Green” Instagram account (@gggreen_yachts), superyacht stewardess that create homemade products from simple ingredients as soap, vinegar, alcohol, baking soda, essential oils… and they also make their own toiletries.

More eco-products that can help the superyacht industry join the change into a clean ocean, are the ones related with the boat cleaning products. Here is an example provided by Ecoworks Marine that produce the “Preserve the Living Seas®” range of yacht and boat cleaning products which are environmentally clean, sustainable, eco-friendly, non-flammable, concentrate liquids and have been specifically formulated for the Superyacht, boat and marine industry. (

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