Discovering the magic of Norway by superyacht

When it comes to superyachts destinations, paradisiac beaches, crystalline waters, white sand, and palms are the first thing that comes up to our minds.

In this article, we want to propose a different concept of yachting, much colder and with a particular color that defines this magic land. Need a hint? Is the land of the Vikings…Yes, you got it! We’re talking about Norway.

For many years only the more intrepid superyacht travellers have ventured North to see what Norway has to offer. But Norway is opening up as a superyacht destination, coinciding with a growing trend for novelty and adventure. The fjord region in particular offers a very different cruising experience.

Discovering the magic of Norway by superyacht by SCS Yachting
Discovering the magic of Norway by superyacht by SCS Yachting blog

Norway is not only a spectacular destination where you can enjoy nature and beauty, but you’ll be also having the privilege to observe one of the most spectacular phenomena of the earth: the aurora borealis. The best place to enjoy this unique experience is the north of Norway: in Tromsø, Lofoten islands or cities like Kirkenes or Alta. And the best time to see it is between the autumn and spring equinox (21st of September to 21st of March). The Northern lights are more frequent during the months of October, February and March.

Can you imagine how it would be to enjoy a glass of the best champagne in the deck of your superyacht observing the incredible light show? Don’t forget the blankets!

On the other hand, if you want to enjoy Norway but with more sun and green nature, your best time to enjoy your superyacht adventure is from mid-May to late-August, you will be surprised by how green and sunny it will be this magic land. Especially the Norway fjord lands are breath-taking and you will live in a fairy-tale for a while. Seals playing by the yacht, the waterfalls and the fresh air make this cruising not comparable with another else. And when you ashore you can hike on glaciers or white-water rafting, take a walk and discovering the colored and wooden houses of the fishing villages. Take a break and relax in in the hot tub of the superyacht sundeck, under the midnight sun, a particular phenomenon where the sun doesn’t set for a period of time, especially during summer. Another one in a lifetime experience that you can’t lose.

Do you dare to try this amazing and alternative superyacht experience?

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