Rock the yacht

The best part of Superyachts lifestyle is throwing a big party for your guests and make them live one of the most special nights of their lives. One of the many reasons of throwing a party on a Superyacht is that there are no limitations out on the sea under the light of the stars and is also a great opportunity to meet your colleagues in a more relaxed environment.

Thinking big, we quote the master of the parties…the Great Gatsby, the novel of the gold epoque. Have you ever thought about organizing a theme party set in the 20’s in the opulent ambient created by F.Scott Fitzgerald? Make your guests follow the Gatsby dress code and make your Superyacht look like the Baz Luhrmann movie, a floating castle where elegance and luxury become the protagonists of the party.

If you want to be the host of the year make sure you’ve checked before all these essentials in the Superyacht party checklist.


When it comes to Superyacht parties, the guests could be many and so the tastes. Here is when Superyacht chefs become the stars of the party creating the tastiest and the highest quality menus. Following the Gatsby line where excess and extreme glamour become the protagonists bring them on the table too, it can’t be missed first class caviar, oysters and foie.


The key of superyacht parties is the booze and so was in the 20’s huge parties of the Great Gatsby where dizzying arcs of first-class champagne and clinking coopetes throughout together with several rounds of cocktails. Refreshing cocktails are some of the Gatsby typical like the Gin rickey, a fizzing mix of gin, lime and soda, or the Mint julep, a nice mix of the strong flavour of Bourbon with the sweetness of mint and sugar.


Music will accompany the party all night long in addition to setting the tone and the ambient so make sure you get the right DJ or band.


When throwing a theme party, every type of decorations is a fundamental element to create the right atmosphere. Fireworks fits perfectly for a Gatsby party.

Guest presents

A good host never forget to give presents to every guest that attend the party. Choose one brand and an item to give to everybody.

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