How to stay fit on a superyacht

Working on a sailing yacht can often require much more physical work than that assigned aboard a motor or explorer yacht.
7 October, 2019/by Valeria

Useful apps for yacht crew and captains at work

Even in professions as specialized as the Captain of a Superyacht, we find specific technological developments that provide security, comfort, and control in technical and logistic aspects.
23 September, 2019/by Valeria

How to reduce stress when working on a superyacht

Living for weeks or months on the high seas, many kilometers of land and far from friends and family, tests the physical and mental resistance of professionals whose responsibility is to maintain the safety of the boat and the well-being of its occupants.
10 September, 2019/by Valeria

New technologic safety systems onboard

In recent years, luxury yacht builders and safety systems development companies have driven technological innovation to equip Superyachts with sophisticated elements of active and passive safety.
19 August, 2019/by Valeria

The rising of Solar SuperYacths.

Innovation and technological advances are the best allies of sustainability and respect for the marine environment.
5 August, 2019/by Valeria

Pet-friendly yachts

If you are wondering if it’s possible to enjoy a luxury charter yacht bringing your pets onboard… read this article!
15 July, 2019/by Valeria

Staying connected and keeping in touch on board.

Superyacht’s owners always go a step further in terms of sophistication and luxury and in this case in technology.
3 July, 2019/by Valeria

Weddings on board, a dream came true.

Have you ever dreamed with a wedding at sunset onboard of a luxury superyacht? Keep reading.
17 June, 2019/by Valeria

Life as a yacht crew member

What is like to live on a superyacht as a crew member? Discover a crew member day in a life.
3 June, 2019/by Valeria

Discovering the magic of Norway by superyacht

Discover Norway as an alternative destination. You won't be disappointed!
20 May, 2019/by Valeria

Eco-friendly superyachts are the new and fundamental trend

Respecting the environment and the sea is an imperative future for the superyacht industry.
6 May, 2019/by Valeria

The superyachts of the future

Discover three future yachts with revolutionary designs that go beyond human imagination.
23 April, 2019/by Valeria

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